Pinay Sex Stories

Pinay Sex stories, Pinay Sex scandal! Oops! This is not the pornographic type of article that you may be searching for. Months ago, I have done an experiment based on the result on the web that accordingly, pinay sex scandal or pinay sex stories dominates the top search keyword on Google. So I made an article to verify whether the result was indeed true.

And the result based on my own data on this blog is...TRUE. When I saw the statistics traffic of this blog, among the posts that I made for just month ago that gained traffic were the "Pinay Sex Scandal: Top search keyword" and "Making Money Online". It was indeed a verification that tallies with the result of other data. What does this mean? It only means for me that Filipino people is looking for sex as entertainment and this really tops among locals, considering that the other article that made was viewed by other citizens of the world because the title is written in English. With this result I can conclude that the world needs money and is looking for Money not just in the real life but even in the cyber world. Next is that people in the world needs sex as well and as for the Filipino it tops more than the need for money.

As for me with regards to this blog, making an article with the title that tops search keyword is good enough to generate traffic. It is a good opportunity for us the blogger and the community to fight this social problem. "Hitting two birds with one stone" is the accurate phrase to describe this.

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