"Neutrino: A particle Faster than light, experiment-void"

Last year, the world of Physics was half-amazed by the new development presented by the group of scientists working at CERN claiming to have discovered a particle that is believed to be faster than light. This announcement is considered to be a major breakthrough in Science because as we all knew, Albert Einstein-the father of modern Physics- has established a theory known as the General Theory of Relativity which states that there would be no more particle faster than light. This assumption of Albert Einstein is the basic theory and pillar of knowledge in the modern physics and so with the teaching in academic institutions.

I will no longer elaborate how they had come up with the result because it was in the internet already several months ago and even become the subject of discussion among Science-enthusiast. A certain Antonio Ereditato- Physicist at the University of Bern and spokesperson- claimed that they have checked and rechecked many times the finding for possible error in measurement but said they have found nothing. He further stressed that it is now up to their colleague to recheck their findings. That's how confident they were to publicize the result of their finding last year, but now apparently and it is over in the news again that a mistake regarding "cable loose" could be the reason of the wrong data which disputed the light as the fastest moving particle in the universe.

According to the report such as in Forbes Magazine, the loose in data connection cable affects the time travel of the neutrinos particles. This discovery of error in the experiment needs to be clarified again through another experiment. However, this event is disappointing as far as the enthusiasm to the earlier claimed.