The Universal Kindergarten Law

The Universal Kindergarten Bill was just passed into law as RA 10157. This law is part of the commitment of the Philippines to Millennium Development Goal and Education for all to be targeted by 2015. The Department of Education has welcomed the passage of this law which means that beginning this coming school year, the kindergarten will now be an integral part of the basic education. With this new law, all incoming grade one pupil throughout the country are required to undergo first the kindergarten program and this is free just like the elementary. According to President Aquino, this law will prevent the early drop out among students. What is not clear to me is how the government will address the new problems with this implementation? It has been a common knowledge to everyone that the public sector of education in the country is full of problems. Currently, there are problems with regard to teachers and facilities. These problems have not been solved and with the implementation of this new law, I am sure that another problem will surface. It seems that the present administration is not really aware of the problems in our education system. Instead of creating solutions to the problems, they are making another problem. The counting begins with one and not by two, but seemingly the government in haste to solve those problems wants to begin counting with three. This is a big problem that all of us will bear for so many years until someone who is brilliant and good enough will eventually lead the Philippine government. The Universal Kindergarten Bill just like any law enacted in the country is good only as law, but not in reality especially when it comes to implementation.

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