La Mesa Ecopark: Forest in the City

La Mesa Ecopark:
La Mesa Ecopark or otherwise known as the La Mesa Watershed is one of a kind leisure place in Metro Manila. It is located in Quezon City with an area of 2700 hectares, 700 hectares of which serve as water reservoir and the remaining 200 hectares are forest which surrounds it.

La Mesa Ecopark:
The La Mesa Ecopark is a unique forest located at the heart of urban city. When you think of the whole urban Manila as crowded by people and different structures, the La mesa Ecopark will simply amaze you of its unique functions as it is situated within the highly urbanized capital of the Philippines. The La Mesa Ecopark plays a vital role in the lives of million Filipinos. First, it is the primary source of water of the residents being used in daily needs such as drinking, household chores, commercial purposes and other means. Being the last kind of forest in the city, it provides Metro Manila with fresh air and leisure place. Likewise it serves as educational and environmental classroom and laboratory for students and a leisure ground for people without the need of leaving the metro for awesome outdoor activities. Today, the La Mesa Ecopark serves as the famous destination of families who wants to get rid of the hangover from the busy metropolis. 

When you go to La Mesa Ecopark, you can do many activities such as in Butterfly Trail and Hatchery where one can enjoy walking and observing the world of butterflies with different colors, Ecomuseum which serves as museum for education and biodiversity conservation, biking in Petron Fitness and Mountain bike trail. Fishing, boating and swimming in salt water pool are also one of the popular activities in the park. These are just some of the activities and facilities the park can offer.

Just like any tourist destination, the La Mesa Ecopark was not spared from the abuse. Owned by the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, a government agency, this park was just reopened to public last 2004 after it was rehabilitated from being ruined due to illegal logging, settling and poaching. One of the groups helping the preservation of the place is the ABS-CBN Foundation Bantay Kalikasan.

It is our personal obligation to help conserve, protect and preserve this park. AS, stated, the role of the La mesa Watershed must be continued from its present state to the future. We can contribute to this by obeying the rules and regulations when visiting the place.

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